Rita Bagga steals the show with this exceptional look at the Les Olivier party

Hello Hello Rita Baja |!


Paul Ducharme

the beautiful Rita Baja | It was really eye-catching when tonight From the 22nd edition of Gala is not Olivier. Yes, the popular drag queen, that we do See in Celebrity big brother this chapterThe highlight of the evening was that I arrived in exceptional costume, worthy of the pink and sweet universe Kate Berry.

«I was told, “Put all the gum! It’s a party! Before she could resume, she said Olive tree for the year in Sam Britton.

There is no doubt that she successfully completed her mission! She is sublime in this sparkling, larger-than-life look.

Paul Ducharme

Paul Ducharme

Paul Ducharme

Paul Ducharme

this week, Rita, Nick name Jean-Francois GefremontNice picture next to it From her lover Yannick Proillett!

Note on the agenda: Rita Baja | It will be celebrated to me Live from the universe Next Saturday!

Besides, we were lucky enough to have a drag queen Montreal In the interview and her Captured in the wave of love she has received yet Celebrity big brother!

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