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roblox video game platform down for halloween

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(Washington) Popular video game site Roblox has begun to restore service very gradually, after a two-day outage that deprived millions of gamers of access to the online game creation platform for the Halloween weekend.

“We’ve identified the root cause and the solution, we’re working to get things back online,” the California-based collaborative platform announced on Twitter on Sunday.

On Sunday afternoon, Roblox said it was “gradually restarting regions,” while the outage has continued since Friday.

On the dormant Roblox site, he wrote: “We’re working on getting things right. Coming back soon.”

In a statement to the magazine the edgeRoblox has confirmed that its platform has not been disrupted due to “external interference”.

“We believe we identified an internal, underlying cause of the failure, with no indication of external interference,” a company spokesperson said.

The platform boasts about 33 million users – half of whom are under 16 – to play thousands of games, but also to become creators of video games that are then shared, and even sold on the service.

On the model of YouTube and its YouTube users, Roblox is also a platform that pays, through microtransactions, its game creators, nascent or more complex.

Roblox stock was listed on Wall Street in March at $70 per share, and was valued at $84 at last Friday’s close, representing $48 billion in capital.

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