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Quebec audiences must be seduced by Aline, a film about Celine Dion

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The two artists absolutely don’t understand the reaction of the Quebec fans at the time of the releasealine On November 27.

Very critical Quebec personalities saw it and liked it. They were overthrown. So I’m sure people will love it.

Quote from:Sylvain Marcel

Danielle Fishud shares her colleague’s opinion: It is a movie about love and it is universal.

no imitation

If Valérie Lemercier changes the family names of Dion and René Angélil in this film that she wrote and directed in which she plays the lead role, she also asked the actors and actresses not to imitate the interpreted characters.

She worked on Maman Dion’s kind nature, her generosity, and her unconditional love for her children. But she is the global mother. I’ve never tried to imitate itclearer Daniel Fishud in an interview with Renee Homer Roy on The Show Culture Club.

French singer Victoria Petrosello (performing Celine Dion’s songs in “Aline”), director Valérie Lemercier and actress Danielle Fishaud at the Angoulême Festival on August 28, 2021

Photo: afp via getty Images / YOHAN BONNET

Sylvain Marcel, who plays Guy-Claude Camard (inspired by Rene Angelil), explains that he didn’t take on the very distinctive voice of the person who was Celine Dion’s agent and husband.

But the resemblance is absolutely astounding with the costumes and makeup. All I had to do was recite the written text. The work was done by itself. For Valerie, it was important not to make a parody, but also to me.

Quote from:Sylvain Marcel

Even if he didn’t imitate the voice of Celine Dion’s late husband, Sylvain Marcel was inspired by the way René Angelil moved. I spent many hours on YouTube watching him walk and talk. He often held a water bottle in his hand; Open and close the cork. These are the things I put to revive this charactersays the actor.

For her part, Danielle Fishud watched videos of Therese Dion as a family. I tried to avoid the times when she’s in the performance, because it’s rather a family story, specify.

Would the duo have agreed to play these characters had it been comics and more humorous? I probably would have done it anyway, but a little more backwards. What really attracted me was when I saw that my acting would really count, rather than doing a weak impersonation of a character that had been done thousands of times., confirms Sylvain Marcel.

Daniel Fishud is more positive. If we had laughed at the family, had it been annoying, I would have refused. When I met Valerie, she told me that what intrigued her is to tell us how someone who is the ugly duckling and the last 14 children succeed, thanks to the love of her family and her manager. , to become the queen of the world., she explained.

The woman is on stage with a microphone in her hands and looks a lot like Celine Dion.

Valérie Lemercier plays Celine Dion in “Aline,” based on the singer’s life from Quebec.

Photo: Caramel Films

However, Sylvain Marcel admits that he didn’t really understand what Valérie Le Mercier wanted to do when first reading the script: I thought it was a farce

Keep the Quebec language

on a plateaualineQuebec actors and actresses made sure that the Quebec dialect and the expressions used were authentic.

Sylvain Marcel says he often made Valerie Lemercier repeat a few sentences. His tone is clearly not perfect, but after five minutes, we accept that Allen is speaking that way. It’s great what you do. I watched the movie four times and never got tired of it.

Valerie did not want the French to see her translated. So we made an effort to speak French they could understand. You’ve come part of the way and so are we. It’s not junk, and I wouldn’t have meant it anyway, says Danielle Fishwood.

The actress, who’s also an educator—founder of Les Ateliers Fichaud, which is very popular with actresses and comedians—identifies that when Valérie Lemercier didn’t quite have a Quebec accent, she was feeling emotional. But when it looked really bad, we had the right to stop it and take it back. We often rehearsed with her for the next day’s scenesDanielle Fishud explains.

it was a dream

Since the film was shown at the most recent Cannes Film Festival, Sylvain Marcel and Danielle Michaud have been enjoying climbing the famous Croisette steps in the company of Valérie Lemercier and other members of the team. A dream for artists.

Three men and two women smiling on the red carpet.

Roc Lafortune, Danielle Fichaud, Valérie Lemercier, Sylvain Marcel and Pascale Desrochers during the screening of “Aline” in Cannes

Photo: Getty Images/Pascal Le Segretain

We dream about him in the back of our bed, but we don’t dare talk about him much. It is an absolute fantasy. It happened so quickly that I didn’t have time to realize it. It was an incredible adventure, admits Sylvain Marcel.

Danielle Fishud had given up on that dream she had dreamed of for so long. I thought that at the age of 60, it would never happen to me again. Well, this happened to me when I was 67 years old. It was unusual.

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