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Robotics challenges at La Ferté-Bernard

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Make science love, absorb it in an interesting way, and encourage artistic activities through education. This is the credo of the Planete Sciences Sarthe Society, which is launching a challenge for young people from Sarthe this weekend!

Because science can seem daunting fast. Because societal and environmental issues are intertwined with it. Planetary Science Sareth
He wants to be a particle accelerator for the students of the department. For twenty years of the association’s existence, Our approach is experimentalspecifies Michael LeBlanc, its president. “We suggest that schoolchildren, college students, and high school students start from observing the sky, from questioning their environment, to getting to Technical or existential answers by bots.


Two-day robotics challenge

To that end, the Society is launching a challenge for these young Sarothas hungry for discovery: Robotics Challenges! Any two days when elementary schools, colleges, and high schools will have to redouble their ingenuity to design a robot. They are working on this with their teachers and supervisors delicate topic For this fifteenth edition, Recycling and waste sortingChief says Planetary Science Sareth
. “Have the robot observe, locate, retrieve and transport the waste to the sorting area”.

Great example of a robot

Planetary Science Sareth

Mutual assistance in the service of curiosity

Beyond simple competition, it is above all cooperation and mutual assistance in the service of a cause which is the driving force for this type of initiative. Carrying out a project to completion, with phosphorous from A to Z, in respect of the members of our association, Advocates of technology at the service of the planetAccording to Michael LeBlanc.

The science of participating in a medium-term project

Apart from this challenge, Planète Sciences Sarthe is working on several other events. We want to launch a concept Participatory Science, about light pollution, observing animals especially hedgehogssays her boss. Here again to revive the stars of curiosity!

Robotics challenges
Robotics challenges

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