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Roger Monplaizer categorically testifies and denies that he assaulted a minor

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The 71-year-old categorically denied the allegations of a young woman claiming that she was sexually assaulted by the accused on numerous occasions when she was a minor. It is important to determine that the man was not on duty during the alleged acts.

With conviction, he reiterated on numerous occasions that he did not touch or caress the body of the young girl whose identity protects the publication.

His lawyer, Me Pénéloppe Provencher, questioned him about each of the alleged facts. I did the same with a woman who came to testify on behalf of the accused earlier in the day.

It was alleged that one of these incidents occurred, according to the alleged victim, in the car of the accused who hit his thigh while he was driving. He then mentioned that he wondered how you feel when you feel a teenage girl’s naked body cuddled up against him. This scenario seems highly unlikely to the woman who testified. She explained that the passenger compartment of Roger Monplaisir’s car is arranged in such a way that it is difficult to imagine this scenario. According to her, the presence of a large console between the passenger seat and the driver’s seat would have prevented him from reaching the alleged victim’s thigh as he continued his path.

I didn’t make a gesture, I didn’t say a word, I didn’t do anything with a sexual connotation. It’s like a three-seater sofa… I’d have to lie on the console to join it the defendant said of his 2009 Kia Borrego.

Roger Monplaisir also categorically denied breaking into the bathroom when the complainant was exiting the bathroom. He left so much brush aside for his clone that he also walked into a room showing his erect genitals. The complainant claims that he requested sexual favors from her.

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On this particular subject, the accused and the woman who came to testify in turn stated that these accusations are unfounded, because they are medically impossible; Which therefore suggests that the young woman lied.

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