‘Canada’s Got Talent’ Champion: Jeanick Fournier’s Life Will Change

Celebrating her win with champagne, going to interviews and going to sing in Las Vegas: Janic Fournier’s life has definitely changed thanks to his coronation in Canada Got Talent.

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“It’s madness,” the singer fled from Saguenay answering a plea registerWednesday, the day after his victory.

Since I left the group Canada Got Talent At the tournament, on Tuesday evening, the 49-year-old interpreter has the right to treat the stars.

She celebrated for the first time with her loved ones. “I had three glasses of champagne, a slice of pizza and went to bed at one in the morning. At five in the morning, I was up, everything upset.

Photo courtesy of Jag Gundu/Canada’s Got Talent

Awakening this morning was a good thing, given that she has a long list of interviews with Quebec and Canadian media, including CBC and The toronto star And and Canada.

“I am amazed. I am grateful 1,000 times and will come back every minute,” said Janic Fournier, who has also received dozens of congratulatory messages from public figures, including another well-known singer in his area, Mario Pelchat.

Finally some money

In addition to an invitation to sing in one of the showsamerican talents On a date yet to be decided, in Las Vegas, comes Janic Fournier’s winning of a $150,000 scholarship that will allow the singer to provide a better life for her husband and two children with Down syndrome.

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“I won’t break my head financially anymore, I will be able to move from my little one of 4½ years to a co-op in Chicoutimi and make room for each of my children,” said the person who mentioned the settlement project in Quebec or Montreal.

Jeanick Fournier also wants to keep appearing on stage as often as possible and dreams of recording an album.

fill his heart

By giving herself full time to sing, she no longer thinks she has time to work as a palliative care assistant.

“I still always dress up as the host and knock on house doors from time to time to lend a helping hand. I love it. It nourishes me as much as it nourishes me on stage. It is another way to fill my heart.”

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