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Rosalie Villancourt is criticized for her weight and responds brilliantly

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Tony Vaughn
Tony Vaughn
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Young humorist Rosalie Villancourt Reply with one to the negative comments that permeate his social networks On this Sunday of Olivier’s celebration. In fact, Rosalie decided to respond, among other things, to an annoying comment that a netizen decided to write it, without embarrassment, under an adorable photo of her on her way to the party.

Critic asked Rosalie if she voluntarily decided to gain weight especially for this photo. And the comedian who definitely has no tongue in his pocket answered a story To this completely silly comment: “ I feel very comfortable with my healthy weight. I feel good about my healthy weight. There is nothing wrong with being “skinny”. You’re really late to talk about the weight in 2021. »

Credit: Instagram Story Rosalie Vaillancourt

Another little later troll The internet decided to write a comment after nobody Stories Written by Rosalie who has addressed feminism. ” Nice evening to Olivier everyone, I wrote while posting this hateful post. It was a beautiful evening although no women won. »A sad note insofar as it can be performed at sight List of ceremony winners

Credit: Instagram shot by Rosalie Vaillancourt

There is nothing more inspiring than a character who is not afraid to respond to his critics and speak out against them. Come onWe are in the gang 2021!

behind the scenes

Note: This is how the talented comedian looked at the Gala-les-Olivier concert on Sunday evening!

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