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Russia and Iran signed an agreement to build a new railway. It is supposed to facilitate Moscow’s access to world markets

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Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi commented, “This agreement is undoubtedly an important and strategic step in cooperation between Tehran and Moscow.” “The traffic artery will connect Russia’s Baltic Sea ports and ports in other northern seas with Iran on the Persian Gulf coast and the Indian Ocean,” said Vladimir Putin, Raisi’s Russian counterpart.

The agreement between Putin and Raisi was signed online via video conference. The Russian-Iranian section along the coast of the Caspian Sea is 162 kilometers long, according to Reuters.

As written by the Russian server In a nod to Putin, Iran is ready to become a major new partner that will allow the Kremlin access to global markets despite Western sanctions. Russia promised that the railways would allow it to redirect its exports and imports. According to Russian political scientist Alexander Vasiliev, the timing of the agreement is conditioned by this very need.

According to Putin, the idea of ​​building a railway is twenty years old. “It will now take about ten days to transport goods from St. Petersburg to Mumbai. It is 30-45 days by traditional trade routes. The volume of goods transported will increase significantly,” the Russian president said.

The two parties agreed to jointly finance the construction.

Moscow and Tehran are now fundamentally united by their discontent with Western economic sanctions, which both countries face and which they both consider unjustified.

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