Rust: Console release, reassuring release period for PS4 and Xbox One releases

Rust is still hugely successful on PC today., It was released in 2013 in Early access Then five years later in version 1.0. But Players who do not have a computer at hand are waiting Navigate to living room consolesAnnounced in 2019 by Double eleven. The studio is back with some great news.

RUSTonsole Full Edition 3840x2160 Game

After, after Teaser was posted a few days agoAnd the Double eleven Today announces that Rust: The console version will be released sometime in the spring of 2021 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. So the launch was fairly soon, and the title before that was simply expected during the year. To accompany the good news, The studio also shares some photos, An impressive second page.

See you in the coming weeks to find out Rust: console version On PS4 and Xbox One. Meanwhile, you can find Cards PSN Certainly Amazon.

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