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Ryan Boehling will need to assemble himself against the Senators

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Last week Ryan Poehling looked practically ready to enter the regular CH course. that it What historian Matthias Brunet believes, at most. But the forgettable introductory departure and apparent lack of effort complicate the task.

Now 22, the American aims to jump into the National Hockey League. Not a secret.

In the Canadian, Nick Suzuki already has a guaranteed place. It is the first training center. Christian Dvorak, newly acquired by Mark Bergievin and signing a four-point game against the Maple Leafs, already has the keys to the second streak on hand.

Fourth place for Habs last year, Jake Evans could get a promotion to the third grade thus leaving his old position vacant. In this case, Cédric Paquette becomes the main opponent of Poehling. There is good and bad on both sides.

For his part, Poehling does not rely on much experience in the NHL (28 games since his draft in 2017). He also has a two-pronged contract this year, which allows the main club to send him to Laval as he pleases.

In this case there is always a concession, right? The answer is no. At the moment, the Montreal organization does not have to pass on its previous first choice of waiver if it wants to demote him. There is no danger of losing him to another team. It gives CH some mental slack, which doesn’t have to be a dilemma every time he wants to do it this season. It’s a defect.

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Cedric Beckett isn’t on his first snowmobile. He even won the Stanley Cup with the Tampa Bay Lightning in 2020. His contract is in one side. He is a kicker, who unfortunately can play in the balance in Montreal. but she a stranger Meaning that it was not developed by Canadians. And he’s injured, which could also hurt him.

When reporters asked Poehling if a fourth-place position was a good fit or a loser in his case, he expressed uncertainty.

He replied, “I don’t know.” Obviously, I am ready for this challenge. I want to do what I can to get a job. But I will remain the same player. I always believed in myself and would do my best. I will leave the final choice to the Canadian and will live with the decision.”

Tomorrow, the Sainte-Flanelle team will raise their flag against the Ottawa Senators. Saturday, the two teams meet in Montreal. Ryan Poehling will have two opportunities to unite himself. Two chances to prove your worth. Two chances to prove he’s no longer out of place at Laval.

This, the words of Dominique Ducharme back it up.

“Once you play a game, you have things to prove. This has been said a lot, but you don’t have 10 or 12 chances. It’s the same for everyone. These are games that don’t always come back. When the door opens, you have to go back.”

It remains to be seen whether he will deliver the goods.

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