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Tokyo Games software tries to coordinate half virtual and half virtual

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(Chiba) The pandemic has again forced many global video game shows online this year, but the Tokyo Game Show (TGS), which opened Thursday near the Japanese capital, chose a mixed event.

Keeping and developing the default format created in 2020, with videos broadcasting over the four days of the show, the Japanese video game also rebounds this time with a physical part, but intended for media and “influencers”.

The area for the show organized in Chiba, which is much smaller than it was before the pandemic, allows for a more accurate impression of the titles on display, according to Take, an influencer who came to create videos for his 180,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

“Seeing the images and getting the latest information is good, but the essence of video games is to experience them, and the control is within reach, so even if this time it’s only available to influencers, I find it great that we have the space,” he told AFP.

For the general public in Japan and abroad, the show, created 25 years ago, has enriched the experience offered online, by making it possible to scan a 3D space using a virtual reality headset or a simple browser.

Virtually while visiting game publishers’ kiosks, audiences can also interact with other participants by voice and text chat, through avatars, and search for things that allow them to unlock additional content.

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Demon Slayer And Final Fantasy XVI

“Virtual guided tours” are also planned, with a guide physically in the living room recounting his impressions on video as he wanders the hallways and try out the games.

TGS also offers the ability to test titles at home thanks to demo versions that are free to download and play on your computer, console or smartphone.

As for the games presented, visitors (virtual and physical) will be able to take a closer look before its scheduled launch in mid-October, the fighting game adapted from the world of manga and anime films. Demon SlayerThat broke the record for entering the Japanese theater last year.

They can also hope to gather some information about the game. Final Fantasy XVIPlayers are waiting for it in this popular RPG series. If the game isn’t on the list of those its publisher Square Enix intends to show, the series’ creator, Hironobu Sakaguchi, should speak Saturday with the game’s producer.

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