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Quebec goalkeeper Zachary Vocalie has a good reason to smile these days, as he recently signed a Extending the contract for two years With Washington Capitals.

This back patting, the 25-year-old deserved. After leaving the Canadiens in 2018, Fucale pulled his group to several places, from Major League Soccer to ECHL, to the Spengler Cup, without it being totally undeserved.

After a strong start to the season with the Hershey Bears in the MLS, he was rewarded.

“It’s an act of confidence from capitals for me,” the beloved athlete told JC on Thursday.

“My journey has gone through many paths, as he mentioned. Signing for an additional two years on my current contract is really a nice little reward for me (…) It feels really good to start working for the next two years (peace of mind).”

The Fucale track was chosen in the second round by CH in the 2013 draft, and the Fucale track appeared to be charted: a native Laval performed his classes, then dressed in a blue, white and red outfit. This is not what happened. Some may be bitter, but Vocalis isn’t that kind of guy.

He recalls, “My time with the Canadians, it has been many years (…) My goal was always to be able to play hockey for as long as possible.” I am a person distinguished enough to be able to do this as a job. It is always a challenge. There have been times of frustration, without a doubt. Times when I was looking for myself. Very “difficult” times.

“But people who know me know that I am very determined,” he continued. I keep working every day, I love what I do and I’m really happy with the way things are now. ”

Because CH is good and good, but that’s not all. It turns out Fucale has benefited from her various experiences in recent years.

“I cannot regret everything that happened (…) it was my dream to play for the Canadians,” he said. That dream didn’t come true, but I was in the national league, and I was an assistant for a few matches. I have seven or eight training camps in the National League. Here I am, I live this my dream! “

“I’m elsewhere, doing a lot of things and this gives me the opportunity to have great experiences,” Vocali said.

Moreover, Quebec is more sporty than ever.

He initially admitted, “I was looking for myself as a“ goalkeeper. ”I had to wonder how to play. But it feels like the last two to three years, with the Spengler Cup in Florida last year, I have created a good system for myself that I really believe in. And it works for me. “

Finally, Fucale did not hesitate to throw flowers at his former coach Dominique Ducharme, with whom he had massive success in QMJHL. He is convinced that Ducharme, who is now leading the Habs, will do very good things for the Montreal organization.

“Dom says the real work,” he said. It will be 100% honest. He can be successful wherever he goes and he has proven it on every level. I have no doubts about its capabilities. The way he behaves, how he communicates, brings nothing but positivity to the club. “

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