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Arslanbek Makhmudov in exile in New Jersey

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Mark Ramsey and Arslanbek Makhmutov are having a wonderful week in Lyndhurst, New Jersey. A small town that is in no way reminiscent of Disney World to use the expression Mark Ramsey. Aside from the Red Bulls stadium in the Major League Soccer, it seems quiet in the end.

– A funny place for a vacation?

– Sorry ? Damage ?

But what are the two young men doing in New Jersey? Simple, since the boxers involved in training fall like flies or refuse to enter the ring against the great Russian, Ramsay decides to go find the poor proletarians in the ring where there are many of them. In New York and New Jersey: The last American I brought to Montreal was vaccinated and accepted his wages. On the first morning, he got to the gym, saw Makhmudov and refused to enter the ring, ”says Ramsay.

“Since Carlos Takam is such a big piece to contend with and I wanted to improve Arslanbeek’s preparedness, I called a friend of mine in New Jersey and here we are at his gym until next Tuesday,” Ramsay explained.

Thank you Oscar Rivas

Indeed, Arslanbeek can give a heartfelt thanks to Oscar Rivas. WBC World Heavyweight Champion Bridgerweight awaits a fight. He was scheduled to fight in Cali against Jennifer Lopez, but promoter Yvonne Michel was unable to tie the event. To stay active, Oscar agreed to work as a sparring partner. Think about it, a world champion who agrees to deliver up to six rounds of sparring a day, would he find that on the planet in boxing?

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“I didn’t want to ask Oscar eight or ten rounds. He weighs 225 pounds and is very portable. But I needed to pay more than Arslanbek. Up to 10 rounds and against partners who mentioned Carlos Takam. It’s quite a challenge. I found some in NJ, so we In a small hotel apartment instead of being with our wives,” Ramsay says with a smile.

Oscar is still waiting

Weightlifters such as Makhmudov or Simon Kane are part of a separate category of boxing. There are all categories and there are other categories. As proof, finding an opponent like Takam cost Tiger Eye Management several hundred thousand Canadian dollars. We must say that this is the first fight of Makhmudov named 4 stars by BoxRec, the true bible of boxing.

So Mark Ramsey doesn’t want to leave anything out. Tens of millions of dollars are waiting for the big and huge Russian if he becomes the world champion. Justifies the expense of a training week in the New York area.

Ramsay was tempted to bring in Simon Kane steel, but the three men are proud. No one wants to give up a piece of the rug anymore. We had to stop.

“Actually, we were very fortunate to get Oscar Rivas. He helped us a lot. I hope he gets the paid fights he deserves soon.” Ramsay, who is also Kaboom’s coach, added.

Perhaps its manager Stephane Leibin should send the message to promoter Yvonne Michel. The silver years pass quickly in boxing. The message also applies to Kim Clavel.

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It takes money to buy a house when you are a boxer.

in the notebook

All tickets for Galas sold out on September 9 and 16. At EOTTM, we sometimes offer to buy back tickets that have already been sold out when large customers are very persistent. It must be said that the final match with Christian Empele and Simon Kane’s battle against strong opponents is promising for the September 9th party. TVA SPORT, ESPN + and PÛNCHING GRACE will broadcast at 9 pm in addition to Poland and ESPN Latin America. On the 16th day, Arslanbek Makhmudov will have the efforts of ESPN + and Punching Grace.

Furthermore, yesterday Paul Wilson met with 13 employees who will make up his team at National. It officially starts on Tuesday. From one Molson to another until the last heaven.

Serena Williams The Fisher

The evening was attractive. Serena Williams around 7 a.m., Felix Auger-Aliassime a little later and Lila Fernandez between the two.

The two of Quebec lost. succinctly. Two very costly defeats. Tennis is not hockey. You can’t have a great career dragging yourself down the rankings. With Félix and Leylah having a hit in 2021, they’re going to lose a handful of points. Get out of the top 10 and top 20 for them.

Félix Auger-Aliassime is entering the second phase of his career, and now he has to learn to win the big matches. He must acquire and develop the killer instinct without which there is no great champion in tennis. He would have to be mean. When you’re a nice guy, it can get complicated sometimes.

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As for his night, it is neither long nor fat nor strong. Nor high speed. She has tennis of strategy and intelligence. You will have to work harder on his condition. She can only win if she is completely sharpened.

Example Serena. She is 42 years old, and she is a mother, her strong muscles covered. But she has unwavering confidence and a desire to win. At the end of the first set, in the tiebreak, she can finish serving twice.

Babe, puff, puff. Two aces. Thank you, good evening, see you again in the second group.

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