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Safia Nolen rejects TLMEP’s invitation and scratches the team

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Safia Nolen refused to give her point of view to “Everyone talks about it” on Sunday, after Marybear Moran passed the same plateau last week. And she scratched the team in the process, accusing them of insensitivity to it.

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It was Safia Nolin’s allegations that precipitated Maureen in the fall of last summer, and the singer did not come out unscathed from her denunciations on social media.

She mentioned Radio Canada Sunday’s program team on Instagram on Saturday.

Safia Nolin said that she “finds it irresponsible and opportunistic to ask me to respond, comment, and relive last week’s episode, the last nine months of my life and the 2018 event”.

Last July, Safia Nolen took a stroll on Instagram claiming that one evening in May 2018, Marybear Moran had bitten her in the thigh and made inappropriate sexual and racist remarks about her. Then the facilitator apologized, admitting that she did not admit that she had gone too far.

After the incident, Maribre Maureen lost her offers and ad contracts, then withdrew from the public domain. Describing herself as a “alcoholic” at TLMEP last week, she recounted that she went to therapy and underwent lock-in therapy. She said she was ashamed of her actions and admitted to disrespecting many people.

It should be noted that, in the days leading up to his call to TLMEP, further allegations surfaced against Maribier Morin in “La Presse”.

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She told host Jay A. Liebig: “In one consumption, I have exceeded the limits of the other, and I have also exceeded my limits.” At some point, you don’t know where the limit ends. “

Bad idea to invite Morin over to TLMEP

But for Safia Nolin, give a platform to Marybear Morin, who has taken the trail path to play in “The Wrong” and in the movie “Arlit!” By Mariloup Wolfe, it wasn’t the right thing to do.

“I will never explain the interview last week, or even the fact that I gave such a large platform to this person,” she said on social media. I don’t want TLMEP to pass through customs by inviting me. I don’t want to give them ratings and bring hate and threats again, ”describing recent days as“ insensitive ”and“ malicious ”, and I’m talking about a“ slap in the face. ” For her as it is for all the alleged victims of Maribier Morin or other assailants.

“I will never be silent.”

Safia Nolen concluded her letter by stating that she takes her own life story.

“I choose to protect myself. I choose my well-being before the TV show. I continue my life, my music and my art. I turn to people who have been following and supporting me for years. My family and friends too. It’s the best way to fight. I exist and I will continue to exist. She wrote: I will never be silent.”

At the time of writing, Guy A. Liebag has yet to respond to Safia Nolen.

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