Back from St-Jean to Kapuskasing this weekend

Under the guidance of a new committee, the 23rd Kapuskassingen Saint-Jean Festival returns to the Palais des Sports with shows and films.

The program was announced in March, and includes two evenings of performances with various artists, as well as a new cinema day.

Hundreds of community school students attended the launch of the festival on Thursday afternoon before watching the animated film Tok race. Two other films were shown in French in the evening.

Hundreds of students attended the launch of the Saint-Jean-de-Capuscasing Festival.

Photo: Kapuskasing St-Jean Festival

French-Ontario singer-songwriter Mehdi Kayenne will be the first to take to the stage during Friday evening.

Next, songwriters Jerome Couture and Renee Wilkin will present songs from their albums.

On Saturdays, the Saint Jean Festival presents an evening 90s With the groups Les Frères à Ch’val and Noir Silence, returning to Kapuskasing, more than twenty years after its first participation in the St-Jean Festival.

People can expect very good offerssays the general manager of the Regional Center for Cultural Leisure, Denek Dorval.

However, he admits, it was a bit difficult to get people interested in the festival again.

We are still very happy with people’s reaction. People are very happy to have an event like this back, and we have artists to discover in the area.

Mr. Dorval estimates that there should be more than 500 people during Saturday evening and about 300 on Friday evening.

Still the largest Saint Jean in Ontariohe is referring to.

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