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Samsung cheats on the thickness of its watch

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Did you expect it okay? It is much less than expected. In its measurements to determine the thickness of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, Samsung intentionally neglects to take into account the BioActive sensor … it is clearly too thick for its taste.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro sensor, a thickness pattern that Samsung intentionally forgot to take into account // Source: Arnaud Gelineau – Frandroid

Samsung cheats on advertised thickness and weight Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. This is what we keep from measurements made independently by the blog DC Rainmaker, with digital caliper. New handy measuring tool continuous watch The Korean giant is noticeably thicker than officially specified: 15.2 mm, versus 10.5 mm according to Samsung. This noticeable difference contrasts with much of the brand’s rhetoric, which also sways on the question of the new tocante’s better weight in the range.

The measured thickness of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro was 15.2mm, which is about 50% thicker than the advertised 10.5mm. And what is the weight? More than double the specifications. Apparently, Samsung does not include the weight of the bracelet in its measurements (although no caveat is mentioned) says the blog.

The competition does the same thing (but is that really an excuse?)

Cette différence d’épaisseur vient en réalité d’une mesure filoute de Samsung, qui se contente de prendre en compte l’épaisseur du cadre de sa Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, sans mesurer égallement le gros capteur BioActive qui la part de la parte inpasse hour. So only part of the frame is measured. In this case, Samsung cannot defend the error since these measurements were made correctly on older versions of the watch.

However, if Samsung is cheating on the actual thickness of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, the increased bump of the BioActive sensor isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Most importantly, this sensor will allow for better contact with the user’s skin … and thus more accurate readings. At least that’s what Samsung said recently in a range communication : ” With increased surface area and direct contact with your wrist, the Galaxy Watch 5 tracks health metrics with greater accuracy than Galaxy Watch 4 “.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro -1 . Thickness
Source: DC Rainmaker

Note in parallel that Samsung is unfortunately far from the only company that cheats on the thickness of its connected watches. Apparently Apple and Garmin are doing the same thing. DC Rainmaker had fun checking out: File Watch Series 7, whose thickness should theoretically be 10.7 mm, in reality it is 13.1 mm; while the 255 Music moves at 14mm…versused at 12.9mm on its spec sheet. On the contrary, the Fitbit Sense is actually 12.35mm thick, as announced on its official page.

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