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Samsung Pay still works with smartphones from other brands

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Samsung Pay has been one of the most open payment solutions to date when it comes to device selection. But some users have come forward to complain about issues that prevented them from using the service on a smartphone of another brand.

Source: Samsung

Samsung It has been a good student so far on the payment methods side and still allows other brands to use a version of their solution Samsung Pay Dedicated to Galaxy Watch. The solution Samsung Wallet has become since its merger with Samsung Pass It was generally associated with smartphones from the Korean brand, and this generosity has recently been questioned in terms of compatibility with other devices.

Somewhat restricted bug

Samsung Pay users on reddit I recently noticed a service failure on non-Samsung smartphones with an error message telling them that their ID is no longer valid.

The user who reported the problem on Samsung Community Forum Received a response that Samsung Pay will not work on smartphones other than those of the brand.

However, such a change was supposed to be announced months ago, and it seemed strange that users learned about it in this way. More fear than harm in the end since Samsung confirmed with SamMobile This was just a simple mistake. The patch has come to end the problem and everything should be back to normal.

What if Samsung followed in Apple’s footsteps?

Such a reversal, if it occurs, will certainly affect the number of users of the Samsung solution. It would be strange if the company suddenly decided to let go of so many potential users without even having an idea in mind.

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Samsung already has The production of safe magnetic transmission technology has ceased Allowing Samsung Pay to pay on non-compatible terminals NFC. The appeal of Samsung’s solution had already declined quite a bit by that time.

It’s hard to see why Samsung would be interested in embarking on such a project if not to further strengthen its ecosystem, but at what cost? These are just well-established ideas about fictional scenarios, but they are still worth keeping in mind.

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