Samuel Gerrard’s behavior during the Stanley Cup parade makes people react

During the event, the Colorado Avalanche player celebrated with members of his family and those around him. He even poured beer on his head.

Some called this behavior unacceptable, because hockey player Roberval should set an example.

Éduc’alcool’s general manager, Geneviève Desautels, has watched videos where we can see Samuel Girard looking spread out. He even cut off autographs due to his condition, thus depriving many of his fans from seeing or touching the legendary cup.

The Stanley Cup at Robervale is a very special event that gives hope that playing hockey is an achievable dream for young people […]. If the hockey player in question gets away with it in terms of over-consumption and that can give a picture of under-consumption, that’s a completely incoherent message. Genevieve Desauteles, in an interview with the program It’s never the same thing.

According to Genevieve Dessautels, the fact that Samuel Gerrard was a public figure should have encouraged those around him to supervise him better. She adds that the player and his close guard spent some time on a boat before heading to the dock for a wander. The director argued in this context, because of the heat, one drink can have the effect of three.

It is clear that each person is responsible for his own life. But to celebrate, should we overconsume? We don’t have to forget the beautiful event after one day. »

Quote from Genevieve Desauteles, CEO, Éduc’alcool

Éduc’alcool’s director believes that lessons will be learned from this event.

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You are in front of people who like you, without irreplaceable behavior, you should be aware of the impact that can have on young people as you say.

The Stanley Cup Parade drew nearly 10,000 people to Roberval. On Monday, the public managed to meet the cup and the defending star for the second time.

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