Saturday night is tough for papers

If the Toronto Maple Leafs have to come home late Monday night, they might have to rethink a little bit on Saturday Night at the Bell Center.

Richard LappeRichard Lappe

Think back to that game number six.

In fact, they’ll have to rethink one, only one, game that made a very big impact: Corrie Perry’s goal early in the third half, the Canadians’ first goal in the game.

Not only did the goal in question do well upon returning from the video break, but by claiming the video challenge (lost, of course), it ended up taking a penalty kick. They had another one after that, when Mitch Marner sent a disc in the stands.

Al-Kindi’s thus raised the score to 2-0.

“It wasn’t a good match for me,” Marner admitted. But now we have the seventh game on the horizon. We know what that represents, and what is at stake … ”

Sheldon thinks how the Leafs might have a chance to demand a replay of that video.

But they weren’t so lucky.

“I’ve seen similar matches in the past in this league and I have to say there are some precedents,” said Leaves’ head coach. They had a player in the goalkeeper’s semi-circle, and there was a lot going on in that line. So I thought it was worth a pickup … but it ended up making them play with a two-person powerhouse. ”

Poor Jack Campbell doesn’t look too sad. He gave Leaves his goalkeeper everything he could, but that wasn’t enough. The video was not criticized much.

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“You have to understand that the past is in the past, and there is no point in questioning it,” he stressed with his usual liveliness. However, there was already a competitor in the semicircle. It is true. But we were able to respond and score, and we were able to move the match into extra time, where anything is possible, as we know. ”

There will be a final chapter on Monday night: Game Number Seven.

“During the last two matches, at every opportunity, the Canadian Hockey Club representatives quickly pushed us to our limits, without any regard for our self-esteem,” Sheldon Cave added. We must be prepared. ”

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