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Scathing UNFP Press Release About Players Who Can’t Reach Out for Selection!

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Ligue 1, Ligue 2: The Crunchy UNFP Press Release About Players Who Cannot Be Selected!

The Players’ Union condemns “discrimination” against those players who cannot play in international matches outside the European Union.

Maxwell Cornet, Jamal Benlamry, Senali Diomandi, Islam Suleimani, Carl Tocco Ecampi, Tino Cadwire and Malcolm Barcula. These seven African international players from Olympique Lyon, like many other Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 players, were unable to join their teams at the end of March due to health restrictions. The French Professional Players’ Federation, the National Football Federation, in a statement entitled “The state must correct the payment”, wished to support the players concerned, as well as condemn the situation: “The National Football Association shares in the legitimate lack of understanding of international football players other than the French from our various championships, Those invited to play matches outside the European Union understand their plight, share their anger, especially expressed by the seven Lyon players involved, and support their style after the resignation. Join their national team, to which it is clear that they are particularly attached.

Regarding the funds that our country grants to the players of France A team and to representatives of the European Union countries, who will not be obligated to submit to a “seventeen” period upon their return to the national territory, the National Football Association insists that the French state must grant the same exemptions to all players when they are respected The conditions also required by foreign unions … because these decisions today testify to discrimination that the French state cannot continue to withstand and must, on the contrary, get rid of it as soon as possible. , The issue here is also related to the fairness of the competitions, which cannot be organized anywhere other than on the ground. To denounce the absurdity of the situation, the National Union of the Armed Forces clarified its press release with a photo of Memphis Depay and Maxwell Cornet, with the caption: “Why can Depay play for his country while not playing Cornet?” Players outside Europe are expected to be announced in the coming days.

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