Scheifele’s fierce check on Evans: Young hockey players rattle in Saguenay

Shocking images of Mark Schevel’s gesture towards Canadian player Jake Evans have shocked many young hockey players.

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Saguenay’s AAA Jonquière Elite dwarf hockey players were listening in on the game Wednesday night when the hit was struck at the end of the match.

They admit that they have been tagged with photos seen on TVA Sports.

“I listened to it and was very angry. I saw the scene over and over again in my head,” said Matis Gagner, ALYs de Junquiere striker.

For him, this gesture is completely unacceptable and is not attributed to hockey.

“It makes sport and hockey less beautiful with gestures like that. I think it has no place in hockey,” said teammate Vincent Poulay.

“We want to see fair play. We wish he’d tried to block the goal instead of going to demolish Evans. Another elite striker, Tommy Neron, still in shock,” added Tommy Neron.

For his part, their coach Arnaud Dube believes there is one thing that young hockey players should remember from these photos: the importance of controlling their emotions and knowing how much a gesture of frustration can lead.

At the Élites de Jonquière, for example, young people are regularly made aware of the importance of controlling their emotions.

“If emotions take over and we fall to the level of anger, on the ice, then actions and decisions will not be good… It is a seasonal process and it is very important to talk about it and talk about it again throughout the year about how we manage our emotions in the different contexts of the matches that are going to us,” he said. the coach.

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Players hope that the league’s ban on Mark Shefley will live up to the gesture he made.

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