Sci-Fi, The Extraordinary World of Karen and Gabriel

It’s a world they helped create with a comic strip where Karen Shamand is illustrator and screenwriter Gabriel Cadot: “Aphelia Space Dragon.” A science fiction book – a space opera – that evokes spaceflights, adventures, and battles between heroes and galactic empires. It is intended for adolescents and adults, and the first volume is entitled: “Les Poings Exodiants”. We discover the characters, life on the ship, and the first challenge of the heroine, Aphélia. Six volumes are planned, which means that fans of the genre will be spoiled. It is a two-and-a-half year community double passion which was first realized by publishing a weekly page on an American website, At the end of this year, it looked like this might generate a 50-page album. The authors participated in the Prix de la BD Raymond Leblanc, an international competition held in Brussels. They also met “Les Humanoïdes Associés” at the Comics Festival in Angouleme. After these discussions, Karen and Gabriel decide to expand their adventure by funding their own version. To do this, they launched a crowdfunding campaign. Happening until December 8 at the site:

Half of the amount has already been earned, which means fans are excited for this kind of adventure. You can also connect with the authors on: Instagram – Facebook – Patreon – [email protected] and 06 82 89 72 96.

To follow their approach, the cover and book design has already been outsourced to a Purdue printer.

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