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Stefan Richer lived what Cole Caufield is currently experiencing

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Cole Caufield is not easy now. In Montreal, with the big club, he didn’t have an easy start to the season. Then, in Laval, it takes a long time to really get started. He still scored in Rocket’s last game, but it’s his only goal this season.

At the start of the season, many people saw Cole Caufield as the Canadians’ next leading scorer with 50 goals. It is still not too late; He can become him. But not this season.

The last to score 50 goals in a single season in Montreal’s uniform, his name is Stephane Richer. The former Canadian player admitted that he went through what Coffield is going through.

True, it’s a different time, but… there are some comparisons to be made.

After winning the Stanley Cup with the Canadians, Rich thought he was Puts for the rest of his career. But two years later, the striker had a more difficult season. The result: he went with the Canadian from Sherbrooke, the Tricolor School Club just in time.

There is no shame in giving in to the palace. – Stephen Richer

Bob Jenny and Larry Robinson even encouraged him to burn down the mansion. I don’t think Nick Suzuki and Jeff Petrie said the same thing to Caufield…

This short, but significant, stay at Sherbrooke allowed Richer to regain his confidence, who amassed 14 points in 12 games. He then returned with the big club in the playoffs and did well.

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The following year, Stefan Richter scored 50 goals.

I had that in mind the following year, I had maintained a bitter taste through the summer. – Stephen Richer

Don’t get me wrongI’m not saying Coffield will score 50 goals next year. If so, so much the better. The important thing, however, is that he trusts his means and agrees to play in the AHL for his own development.

If he works for Richer, why not work with Caufield?

I ask you the question.

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– Very nice comparison.

Legs in PK Suban: Some players have had enough.

– It’s nice to dream.

– Very nice greeting.

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