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Science and Technology Week: Ninth Edition to be held in Congo

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Maria Gill
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Speaking at the opening of the meeting, Professor Raisa Mallo, founder of the People Investing Society, stated: By organizing Science and Technology Week, we want to encourage young people, especially girls, to the maximum so that they can embark on our disciplines because without this, the country will not progress at all. “.

The ninth edition of the Science and Technology Week has the peculiarity of its launch in Brazzaville, in cooperation with UNESCO and the Research Institute of Exact and Natural Sciences (IRSEN), with scientific events in the provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) at the initiative of individuals, schools, universities and partner associations. Organized in collaboration with junior Uptodate developers of Jos├ęphine Ndeze (Miss Geek Africa 2019) in the form of a hackathon, in order to enhance the capabilities of students by inviting them to propose IT solutions to contribute to solving real community issues. In addition to this activity, the African School of Electronic Building and Application Methods (Asesma) is organizing The Third African Central School of Electronic Structure Methods and Applications (KISMA) With twenty-five participants.

This ninth edition is witnessing the participation of more or less than nine thousand students and teachers in science villages and two hundred people in conferences. The goal is Contribute to revealing the next generation of African scientists, women and men, who will support the development of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Africa “.

Among the speakers, we noted the exceptional performance of the Senegalese astronomer Maram Keri, an experienced scientist, who called on the African peoples to take charge of their own destiny and be instrumental in their development. In the list of lecture topics there is ” Policy document for scientific research in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the recent international conference on the management of the Goma volcano and the planned acquisition of a satellite by the Democratic Republic of the Congo In a webinar, the speakers thought about How off-grid distribution and solar power offer new horizons for electricity delivery to the Democratic Republic of the Congo “.

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It should be noted that other partners also provide support for this activity, in particular the Denise-Nyakeru Foundation, the Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics in Italy, Asesma, etc. Football player Yusuf Mulombo is the sponsor of this ninth edition of the Science and Technology Promotion.

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