Science Festival 2021: Day of “Received Ideas and Prejudice!” In the governor’s palace hall

Questions received, stereotypes about women in science are difficult! Come and dissect these prejudices and misconceptions while having fun!

Organized by CPIE-A Rinascita, as part of Science Festival 2021, Today ” Misconceptions and prejudices ! ” take place Saturday 6 November at the Palace of the Governor in Bastia, from 10 a.m. during the day, to allow as many people as possible to come and discover the different workshops and tools that break down ideas and stereotypes received about scientific careers and the place of women in the field.

In the program of exhibitions, digital stations with interactive games and tests as well as group brainstorming. Public participation will be highly sought for in order to achieve collective brainstorming because at the end of the day it will be possible to get to create different representations of the audience against the place of women in science.

From 2 pm to 5 pm, join us for artistic animation about stereotypes with our partner La P’tite Usine à Idées!

Free entry according to health procedures

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