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7 days before the vote, Québec 21 delays the presentation of light rail details

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The burden of proof is not just mine. It belongs to everyone, and maintains Jean-Francois Jocelyn.

The Quebec leader makes the unveiling of the details of his lightweight metro, VALSE, conditional on disclosures by his peers from Team Marie-Josée Savard and from Quebec strong and proud.

In case [Bruno] Marchand, 10 upgrades, confirms the President of Quebec 21. There, he must present his plans: what exactly will he do? How much will that cost?

Once he presents it to him, once Mrs. Savard also presents the plans of the East, to reach Destimophile […] We put all our documents.

Quote from:Jean-François Jocelyn, President of Quebec 21

Over the years, thousands of pages of studies about trams have been published. Quebec 21’s claims regarding its VALSE project, which it promised to build within the same schedule, the same budget envelope, without cutting down trees and without building any street, are not, for the time being, based on any public document, other than analyzes made in the aftermath of the tramway.

On June 9, we presented, we referred to several studies that we presentedJocelyn says. Do not miss the studies conducted on the tramway project.

10 days ago, the president of Quebec 21 accused the outgoing administration, of which Marie-José Savard was vice-chairman of its executive committee, of withholding information about the tram project from voters, in 2017.

Citizens were deceived in 2017 when his administration hid their intentions regarding the tram project and we certainly don’t want to replay it in an old movie from 2017. It’s not Groundhog DayJean-Francois Jocelyn shouted.

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a catching nigaudAccording to QFF

The powerful and proud leader of Quebec, Bruno Marchand, accuses Quebec 21 of evading its manifesto by making it conditioned on its opponents.

It’s a beautiful opaque trap. We are not talking about transforming the project in its entiretyHe says about the improvements he intends to make to the tram project. Mr. Jocelyn tells us: I have a new project, a completely new project. […] It is up to him to submit the studies to us.

According to Mr Marchand, voters will not be entitled to conduct any study on VALSE before going to vote on November 7.

Finally, we’ll be waiting for Bonhomme Seven Hours […] We understand he’s trying to find a way to not post itConcludes.

LeakingSorry for Marie-José Savard

For outgoing Mayor Regis Labomme’s runner-up, the Quebec 21 leader is in a bad position to accuse others of lack of transparency.

It’s a leakMarie Jose Savard accuses. It shows that Mr. Jocelyn is not really ready to present his documents.

In his opinion, his opponent, on the contrary, should seize the opportunity, a few days before the vote, to confirm the seriousness of his light rail project.

About forty studies have been published on the tramThe candidate for mayor answers. Mr. Jocelyn still does not understand that this is a cutting edge project, he is showing that he does not know how a big project works.

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