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a little history


After discovering projects previously carried out at La Casemate, we continued our visit to the workshops offered at FabLab, a place for creativity and engagement. It also allowed us to discover ongoing projects at this FabLab headquarters!

participatory course

The final assembly step for this team.

In the FabLab building, three teams must solve puzzles in order to build games together. The plans are made by three “makers” who need their team to carry out their project. This is an opportunity for participants to discover the teamwork, equipment, and spirit of the FabLab!

Parts production has challenges that must be faced.

We were able to follow one of these teams towards the end of their journey. Create the last parts and then the last stage, the assembly, in order to finalize their game. We were able to feel a lot of pride for these participants because they were able to implement this project!

Fab Lab

Example of potential products using FabLab Tools.

FabLab is a space where you will find something to implement your wildest projects!

For this, you can use a laser cutting machine, a sewing machine, a serger, a milling machine, etc. However, some machines require training in order to be used. We must also not forget that machines don’t do everything! They implement a program that you pass to it and it is up to you to compile it afterwards. Finally, with a little imagination, you should be able to achieve what you want!

Inhabitants of Casablanca

Tools available in FabLab.

Among the users of FabLab, we find the residents of Casemate. FabLab as an office, they are supported for 6 to 8 months by professionals. Build their project, complete specifications, take a step back, and “prototypes” are followed to allow them to develop their ideas as much as possible. How did they become residents? They have all won the call for projects launched by Casemate whose recent themes have been:

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Media (won by Simon Chopin Let’s play science)

Design (won by Veronica Hölcher with the project #KitEnfance)

– Art related to science and technology (Benjamin Just won it with the project flexible forest)

– Technical innovation (Winned by Willy Dutilleul and Cyclick Association with a project dry toilets mobile phones).

We invite you to meet two of them!

Meeting with project leaders

Willie Dutilleul and his portable dry toilet model.

Meeting with : Willie Dutilleul, a member of the Cyclick Association.

Project :
portable dry toilets

Since 2017, the project has progressed well. Willy Dutilleul tells us about the progress of this project that ripened in his mind after his student thesis on “Where Dry Toilets in Public Spaces”. In 2020, the Cyclick Association was founded with which he will make his project a reality. Despite some improvements that need to be made (demo, “chip search”, rechargeable batteries, etc.), the portable dry toilet prototype is more than functional! The first version is already in circulation.

These dry toilets collect good points! Environmental, they make it possible to turn organic waste into compost. Mobile, limit costs and means to transport them, a bicycle is enough! Practical, thanks to their large tank and ergonomics. Hygienic, thanks to the hydro-alcoholic gel and washable surfaces.

Follow the project on Instagram: @cyclick_

Resilient Forest Project.

Meeting with : Benjamin Guest

Project : flexible forest

The Benjamin Just project aims to “Put the French Forest on display in the Global Forest“Indeed, a piece of wood is moved according to the rate of deforestation of that species somewhere in the world. Each piece of wood selected represents a French geographical area. Thus five species were selected for each geographical area. In the Vosges, Mercantour, Alpes-Maritimes and soon in the Landes .

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Each time, the acquisition of these woodcuts includes meetings:

For every piece of wood there is a full meeting of people, be it an NFB guide, a private civil servant, owners, woodcutters, fellers or siding people, etc. These people I sign up for work and follow up on the exchanges we can make […] To take these votes there. These pings will be fed back into the installation.

Benjamin Guest

Thus, the pieces of wood, in a darkened room, will really communicate with each other. Each exhibition will lead to a new exchange different from the previous ones. The first show of the Digital Arts Festival in Saint-Étienne is planned for the beginning of November, and the rest of the project will follow Benjamin Just – Artist | Facebook social networking site.

This concludes our meeting with these project leaders. But there are always projects at La Casemate! What are the following?

more information :

– To access FabLab equipment, simply register on the following site:!/plans. Let your imagination be free!

– News from FabLab: La Casemate Fab Laboratory | Facebook social networking site

– Residents of Kasmat: Call for projects – La Casemate

Follow all Casemate news on La Casmati, CCSTI Grenoble.

To continue: Fête de la Science 2021 in Casemate 3/3 – In the future

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