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“Are your children okay?” I put the question thoughtlessly, two years ago, to a friend whom I don’t see often; He lives in the suburbs of Quebec. He taught me that he no longer had a son and a daughter, but that he now had two sons. I told him about another friend whose daughter was also in transition.

This phenomenon is not common. But it turns out that in my circle there are two sons my age with children who made a brave choice to live not according to their biological identity, but in harmony with their gender identity. I also have a friend whose son considers himself nonbinary and for a few years has preferred not to be called by his first name at birth.

I thought about these friends this week, and heard on the radio and read in the newspapers and social media a lot of spoiled jokes and inappropriate comments from people who didn’t believe John Kent, the fictional character of the movie. Clark Kent and Lois Lane in the comics Superman, or bisexual. “How about a transgender, transgender, or scholastic Superman while you’re at it?” Elvis Gratton, get out of this body!

I even read a fictitious analysis on the alleged castration of a white heterosexual – this eternal victim -, inspired by the revelation of the sexual orientation of the son of Superman, who I recall is an alien who arrived from the planet Krypton… .

If relocation is still so rare, the fact that, in some circles, showing his or her bisexuality to a teenager has become almost common in 2021. I’m not claiming that young bisexuals are not victims of prejudice or discrimination. We just have to see the reaction to Out John Kent’s conviction. But young Quebecers are more and more daring to show themselves as they are, inspired by androgynous public figures such as Hubert Lenoir.

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The fluidity of gender and sexual orientation, human love for what is, basically, it does not matter whether it is a man, a woman, or a person who does not sympathize with any of these groups. . On the other hand, it is a concept that is better understood and more accepted among 17-year-olds than their parents or grandparents. It is a matter of education above all else.

According to a survey conducted last May by the Regroupement des maisons des jeunes du Québec among 574 adolescents between the ages of 12 and 17, the most important reasons for them are the fight against racism and indigenous rights. (33%), Women Rights (31%) and LGBTQ+ Rights (29%), my colleague Katherine Handfield wrote earlier this week. I think the fate of the planet is not long in coming.

However, there are some authors blame Superman To make Clark Kent’s son – let’s call him SuperFiston – a character in tune with the interests of today’s youth. “It will also stand up against social inequalities, global warming, and refugees,” one conservative commentator called this week a “re-education.” get up.

Because children of superheroes should be conducive to social inequality? Anti-immigration? For the spread of greenhouse gases? I had to re-read this column to make sure it’s not a draft get up Dedicated to an evening of unsuccessful amateur comedians.

Created by two sons of Jewish immigrants in the late 1930s, Superman has always championed the widow, the orphan, and the American dream of all those who made the United States their home, regardless of their origin, religion, or color. their skin. He was awesome get up Long before the term was overused by the right. He will be the first to welcome his son’s bisexual boyfriend or girlfriend home with open arms. Like the rest, many extroverted Quebec parents.

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There is no longer any evidence of this: the former situation is a nostalgic fantasy of the last century. They refuse to compete for their historical privileges.

After all, the heterosexual white man has dominated Western societies since the dawn of history. Why change the winning formula? Why share power with racist or gay immigrants or even women? After all, they make up only 51% of the population…

Many seem to regret the bygone days when superheroes were perfectly aligned with their frozen vision of society. That is, a society run by men, white and Christian, whose women wisely stayed at home, giving birth, cooking and cleaning. Some call it the Great Darkness. Others are in the old days when a man, the “real man”, embodied by James Bond with a hairy chest and a haircut, could put his hand in the back of the first comer as he saw fit and order him to leave the house. He played because “Do you see my son? We have to discuss serious matters between Men” …

These reactionaries want us to ignore 60 years of feminism and James Bond to be exactly the same as he was on screen in his early days, very macho and convinced he can decide for himself, as he pleases. which may or may not constitute free and informed sexual consent. SuperMonuncle is as outdated, quirky as these conservative commentators are in an ever-changing society.

They might cry heresy if they find out that the James Bond performer wore a pink velvet jacket at the premiere of his latest movie and that he has a habit of hanging out in gay bars, where he finds fewer goons who want to fight with him. He prefers the company of those who know the difference between a 53-year-old actor, good for his age, and a fictional character.

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