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Science Po Grenoble searches for a new future

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Of the fifteen candidates, five (including three former students) were invited for a job interview on January 10 at the Institute of Political Studies (IEP) in Grenoble. The stakes are high: hiring a director, or liaison, capable of helping get out of the crisis, an institution that has been rather weak for a year.

The latest shock came on December 20, 2021, when Laurent Wauquiez, president (Les Républicains) of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, announced in a tweet that he was suspending funding, i.e. 100,000 euros per year for scholarships and student mobility. , Because Long ideological and societal drift from school. derivativee » Which will come, he said, from the crossing In a new cycle With a four-month suspension from the German teacher who worked for twenty-six years at the IEP: Klaus Kinzler.

To understand the context: Science Po Grenoble deplores ‘political’ decision following suspension of funding by Laurent Wauquiez

The 62-year-old has become a much-loved media personality for his dynamism in denouncing the ideology and bigotry that characterizes his fellow youth and especially student activists. In February 2021, he did not hesitate to qualify – with a model“teaser”, plead – these students“God’s Signs in Germ” In a signed email “Teacher in Conflict,” the Nazi with his genes, Islamophobia repeats the culprit.”

On December 8, 2021, in L’Opinionconfirms it “Science Po Grenoble is no longer an institute of political studies, but of education, and even political re-education”. disguised expression “Re-education Camp” When it is included in bold in the article title. The implicit reference to the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia is violent, spreading like wildfire in the IEP as well as in the political class, especially on the right, in the midst of the fight against the “awakened” nebula that would creep into France. Universities.

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A few days later, on December 15, Sabine Suruger, director of the Institute for Individual Education, suspended the professor pending referral to a disciplinary board: Talk of ‘re-camp’ undermines the integrity of the institution and the training that teachers provide., justify.

Klaus Kinzler’s words are: Harmful to the organization and based on a lot of liesSimon Persico, Professor of Political Science, supports. The teacher and researcher are tired and deeply wounded. We expected a reaction, it came. » Klaus Kinzler “He excluded himselfAdds Jill Bastine, Professor of Sociology. He’s an extremist, and his words are hideous. He is using us in a political battle that we have nothing to do with anymore. »

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