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Recently, a Canadian group called #LaScienceDabord entered the arena to help combat misinformation in the health field. The goal of these experts, as their name suggests, is to provide science-based tools to fight this pandemic.

Isabelle Bourgogne talks about it with:

We also had to welcome Chantal Barrault, Professor V. Graduate Program in Scientific Communication At Laurentian University, which was forced to cancel.

It is clear that the misinformation did not originate from social media. What changed in the eyes of Jonathan Gary? Is he disappointed that people have had difficulty choosing between the truth of an opinion? To spot pseudoscience? What is the role of influencers in this spread? What are the effects of this disinformation on democracy? And should we be talking about the responsibility of the big platforms like Facebook or Google?

“The platforms are built to elicit an immediate reaction. We are forced to respond quickly. It’s also a little up to us not to get caught up in the game and learn to slow down. And when you’re not sure, don’t get involved.” – Jonathan Gary

Why #LaScienceDabord? Why is it important that we come together to promote science? Does he see a crisis of confidence in science? Should universities encourage their scholars more to intervene in the public arena?


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