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United States: Treaty priority with Canada and Mexico

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Implementing a new free trade agreement between the United States, Canada, and Mexico will be a “priority” for future US trade representative, Catherine Tay, who also intends to rebuild “international alliances and partnerships.”

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MI am Tye, born in 1974 and a graduate of Yale and Harvard University, will be heard before the Senate Finance Committee to confirm his appointment as the new ambassador for US trade policy.

She will succeed Robert Lighthizer in this highly influential position.

“My priority will be to implement and enforce renewed conditions for our commercial relations with Canada and Mexico,” she explained in a speech delivered on Thursday at the opening of her hearing and released Wednesday evening.

MI am Tay played a major role in developing the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), to replace NAFTA (North America Free Trade Agreement), which the Trump administration negotiated. Advice to the previous government on aspects of labor law was provided during USMCA discussions.

She believes that this treaty “represents an important step in reforming” the US trade approach.

“We must continue to pursue ambitious trade policies to win bipartisan support [démocrates et républicains] Solid, “she added.

In line with the policy pursued by Joe Biden, she asserts that she will spare no effort in rebuilding alliances and partnerships, and re-engaging with international institutions in order to “ensure the necessary reforms that allow the world to unite. And it faces common threats such as climate change, the epidemic and global economic recession.”

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“This leadership duty, of course, extends to meet the challenges posed by China,” she commented, stressing that the task will be difficult, as the Asian giant is at the same time a competitor, a trading partner and a major player, including [ils] Pussycat[t] You also need to face specific global challenges. “

Faced with a “limited” toolbox, it takes the path suggested by Joe Biden: the common front with historic allies such as Europe and Canada.

Of Chinese descent, Catherine Tai, a China specialist and trade attorney, is one of the few personalities whom Joe Biden has called a wide range of supporters.

Therefore, confirmation of his appointment should be a formality.

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