Secretary Stephen Gilbolt Claims Mandy Bogold Case at the International Olympic Committee | Olympic Games

In a long letter he sent on May 13th to members International Olympic Committee, Steven Guilbeault argues that athletes who choose to become a mother should not have to put their careers on the line.

According to the minister, Mandy Bogold was dismissed It sends a negative message to math around the world: You can be an athlete or a mum, but not both.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, two Olympic qualifying events have been canceled. To qualify her boxers for the Olympics, the International Olympic Committee had to retreat until 2018 and 2019. However, during the three events now taken into account to qualify, Mandy Bogold was on maternity leave. Therefore, you did not get any qualification points.

Mr Guilbeault considers the qualification method used to be representative A huge institutional problem.

The decision to become a mother in 2018 should in no way punish Ms. Bogold and prevent her from competing in the Olympics.

Quote from:Stephen Gilbault, Federal Minister in Charge of Sports

Mandy Bogold intends to withdraw from competition after the Tokyo Olympics. So she was hoping to quit the sport with a medal around her neck.

He was the attorneys for a French Ontary boxer She sent a letter to the International Olympic Committee requesting that her performance be observed after giving birth, but to no avail.Mandy Bogold now turns to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) To make his case heard, but time is running out.

The Tokyo Olympics is scheduled to begin on July 23

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On Monday evening, the boxer congratulated her three team-mates, who were officially qualified for the games, on Monday: Miriam da Silva (69 kg), Tamara Thibault (75 kg) and Caroline Veer (57 kg).

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