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September 11: US authorities reopen the exact file of classified documents

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Washington | US authorities pledged, Monday, to review documents investigating the September 11, 2001 attacks, which can be declassified, a frequent request from some families who now blame Joe Biden for not fulfilling their promises of transparency in this area. .

In a document sent Monday to judges in New York, the FBI explained that it had “decided to re-examine” the privilege it has based in the past not to disclose certain sensitive documents, in order to “identify additional information that may be appropriate for advertising.”

The Federal Police added that it would “disseminate this information gradually and as soon as possible.”

This commitment by the FBI is part of a legal battle that families of 9/11 victims have waged against Saudi Arabia and other countries they accuse of complicity. During these actions, successive US governments invoked state secrecy in order not to publish certain documents.

President Joe Biden quickly announced in a statement that he “welcomes” the decision to reconsider the classification of certain documents.

“As promised during my campaign, my administration is committed to ensuring the greatest legal degree of transparency and respect for the strict rules enacted (during President Barack Obama’s tenure) on invoking state secrecy,” he said.

The topic is sensitive, as the United States prepares to mark the 20th anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, including a celebration in New York attended by Joe Biden.

Last weekend, families of victims, attack survivors and members of rescue teams posted a message explaining that the Democratic president would not be “welcome” at the party if he did not “sit by himself.” Prepare”.

The letter calls for the publication of all documents that reveal, according to the two signatories, Saudi Arabia’s involvement in the attacks. According to American media, the mail was signed by about 1,700 people.

Monday’s announcement was met with some skepticism.

“Unfortunately, we’ve already heard a lot of empty promises,” replied Brett Eggelson, the son of one of the victims of the attacks and a spokesperson for the families. In a statement, he said authorities were able to disclose it “immediately”.

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