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Shams Chateauway | A film directed by André Desrocher in several festivals

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The Devil’s Rapids movie color poster. (photo courtesy)

the film Devil’s Cliffs It has been selected by director André Desrochers, of Bauernois, for several film festivals, as well as being on the bill these days in the region.

After being selected and winning the signal best offer At the “Nature Without Borders International Film Festival” last spring, André Desrochers will screen in Val d’Or on September 19 at Fairy tales and legends festival in Abitibe Timiskaming.

Will take the road to Wildlife Conservation Film FestivalIt takes place in November in New York, Los Angeles, and Monterrey, Mexico. Some films continue their journey in Europe, Africa and Australia, depending on the popularity of online viewing and institutions.

Directed by Andre Desrochers. (Photo Journal Saint Francois Archives)

Originally interesting and informative, halfway between documentary and fantasy, the “fanatic storytellers” of Suroît give voice to some of the myriad legends that have orally persisted since the dawn of history in the Lachine Rapids sector. A place that humans have craved since their existence and where the Saint Lawrence River narrows to the southeast of the island of Montreal.

Anecdotes, linked to the devil’s presence in the area, highlight the ecological riches of the cliffs, a protected area since 1937 under the name “Ile-aux-Héron Migratory Bird Sanctuary”.

In the region, the film will be shown on Friday, September 30 at 7 p.m. at the Beauharnois in the recently renovated former Señorial Palace, which is now used as an arts practice venue for the Beauharnois children under the direction of Maison des Enfants Marie Rose. Children will be served tonic soup during the break. The cost is $5. First come first serve. 70 seats only.

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On October 7, the film will be shown for free on the glass ceiling of the Récréoparc in Ville Sainte-Catherine. You can book from the tickets tab in the city or the Récréoparc website.

There will also be a display in Fort Coulonges, the village that was the gateway to the history of woodland baron George Bryson, where the saga of the lumberjacks and Cageux began.

Devil’s Rapids was produced thanks to the collaboration of the MRC Beauharnois-Salaberry Cultural Fund, CALQ Montérégie-Ouest Regional Convention, Héritage Laurentien, Récréoparc, Ville de Sainte-Catherine, Center cuturel de Khanawake, Saute-Moutons, Résonance Canada, Maison des Cageux, Ville de Beauharnois, CSUR LA TÉLÉ, Nous TV, Dauphin Aventureux and ACIC Canada.

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