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Shams Chateauway | Do you know the benefits of video games for the elderly?

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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Video games can improve cognitive functions. (Photo: Courtesy)

Video games are a great source of entertainment and they come in many genres to attract the largest possible audience..

However, did you know that it has many beneficial effects on the elderly? Discover them!

improve cognitive function
Recent studies conducted in Montreal focused on the effects of video games on the brains of older adults. With an MRI test before the study began and another at the end of the study, the researchers found that playing a logic or puzzle game had a positive effect on the hippocampus, the area of ​​the brain dedicated to associative memory in particular. People who were directed to a mental representation of a space, such as a map, saw their hippocampus increase in size compared to those who did no particular activity or did different learning. This improvement is likely to carry over into everyday life when other occupations require the same kind of effort.

Mental and physical benefits
Depending on the type of game, beneficial effects may vary. In general, better fine motor skills and faster reaction time are observed in the cerebellum, another area of ​​the brain. In addition to memory and cognitive functions, some games have an impact on the ability to multitask, focus time, increase physical activity (which comes with its share of benefits!), critical thinking and emotional health. .

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