Sheepy returns to Science North to educate young people about the climate emergency

“Sheepy,” a longtime star of the Science Center’s climate change awareness campaigns, is at the heart of the project.

Through these initiatives, the organization hopes to reach 2 million young people across Canada by 2025 Inspiring them to take action that will make a difference in their communities.

Climate change is a scientific crisis that has implications for society around the world. It is important as a science center to provide our audiences with the opportunity to learn, as well as to motivate people to take action.Jay Labin, general manager of Science North, said after the announcement of this new funding.

Awareness of climate action is especially important for young people, who need the motivation and inspiration to act as a new generation of scientists, activists and leaders to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.Can we read the press release issued on the occasion of the announcement.

Education to encourage action

The funding, announced on Monday, coincides with the release of the latest IPCC report that projects a 1.5°C global warming by 2030. The IPCC is also urging public policy makers to make a decision. Take immediate action to reduce the consequences of climate change.

The alert is more clear [aujourd’hui]. How do we talk to our colleagues and friends across the country who might not see it that way, and how do we convince them to work together?asks Liberal Sudbury MP Paul Lefevre, who took part in Monday’s funding announcement.

The latter believes that Science North is The best way to educate the population [au sujet des changements climatiques]. It is the second largest science center in CanadaHe remembers.

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