Shemogue Church engulfed in flames

Saint-Timothée Church was too damaged to be saved, according to the first observations of the firefighters, notes Louise Landry, Mayor of Beaubassin-Est.

I just heard from the fire chief that we won’t be able to recover the situation, unfortunately, says Louise Landry during an interview with the show morning, from ICI Acadie.

We got two or three things back. The rest, we know there is no chance of getting anything back from the Church.

She says the whole community is shaken.

It is sad for society, especially with the events that we have experienced in recent months, as you say. We talked to people in the community, everyone is crying. It’s our story that caught fire.

A wave of fires in 2021

Several other fires have broken out in the area this year, including in chimneys and various other properties. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is continuing its investigation into this matter.

The board is constantly on this issue. We meet several people to put the mechanisms in place, but it continues. I need to ask people with information to contact the police to stop it, says Mayor Landry.

People are tired. But I want to reassure the population that we are putting in place many mechanisms that we cannot talk about.

For now, Louise Landry strongly recommends residents leave the lights on at night.

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