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Serge Bergeron’s passion does not go back to yesterday. The new team was singing for as long as possible. Music has always been an integral part of the Bergeron family’s life.

My father, I gave him a musical instrument, he can play it very easily. We always have musical instruments at home. Mom, singing was a passion. She was a mother of singing. We have always been in the music world without anyone having a career or studies in it. He remembers.

When he was younger, Mayor Roberval attended the Chicoutimi Conservatory of classical singing. Music later provided him with an income that he invested in his passion: performance fees enabled him to pay for music lessons.

Serge Bergeron will combine his political commitments with his passion for music.

Photo: Radio Canada / Anne-Claude Brisson

Even today, music occupies a large place in his life. I live through music, through songs, through my work. It’s part of my life. When I leave one day, I think I will leave happy. I would be able to say to myself: You leave happy that you did what you loved in lifeSerge Bergeron trusts.

Choose between passion and work

Even the lover of the French song got a taste of success, in the mid-1980s, thanks to an album recorded as a duet with Gina Blanchett, a Saguenay woman. Tandem must live the tourist life. He says that at that time, the play summer lovers He received public recognition.

The song was the best-selling single for 10 weeks, topping the charts, ahead of Diane Dufresne, Fabian Tybault. For us, it was an extraordinary momentum. We started presenting all TV shows, including RSVP and Les Démons du midi. We did it for two or three yearsHe remembers.

At one point, a Chicotime native had to choose between pursuing a professional career in singing or staying in education.

The team said to me: “The girl who sings with you, she waits for this, she only lives on that. If you turn down half of the TV shows because you have your job at school..”, I was a teacher at the time. I made the decision, at that point, to stop my career, explains the person trained in remedial education.

A difficult choice that he regrets at times. However, Serge Bergeron recalls that the singer’s career is fraught with danger. He eventually came to the conclusion that he could be completely happy without being a professional artist.

Throughout his career that led him from teacher to school principal, to general director of the Pays-des-Bleuets School Board, Serge Bergeron always found time for music. His retirement from school leaves him more time for his passion. Since 2016, he has produced albums about once a year.

Music albums

Serge Bergeron sings in nine languages.

Photo: Radio Canada / Anne-Claude Brisson

The singer with a classic voice speaks three languages ​​and sings in nine. To achieve this, he embarked on a rigorous apprenticeship in phonetics. Ensures perfect pronunciation with instructors who speak different languages.

Music took him to several countries, including the United States, the Dominican Republic and Greece. When traveling, Serge Bergeron brings songbooks and instrumental music.

Sometimes the most exciting thing was seeing people come and talk to me after the show and talk to me in Greek. I can’t answer you, I don’t understand what you are saying. But, you sing it, how does that happen?, He says.

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for good reason

We have to admit that the singer does not make a living from his passion. On the contrary, he must be paid to live it fully. Each album production costs thousands of dollars. Despite this, Serge Bergeron finds a way to give back to others by associating a cause with each of his projects.

Christmas music album

For every album sold, $5 is given out at Christmas to everyone in Roberval.

Photo: Radio Canada / Anne-Claude Brisson

For every copy sold of his latest Christmas album, $5 will be donated to everyone’s birthday by Roberval. Thanks to this initiative, people in need of Roberval will be able to buy food.

« I’m fine in life. I have a good salary. I was fortunate to have lived a happy life and to free myself. So I tell myself that we must give back to others. It is important to give back to others when you can. This is how I do it, by combining my passion with giving myself »

Quote from Serge Bergeron

Despite his busy schedule, the chosen one believes that he will always find time for music.

Music has always been what I would call an aspect, but it is also a need. When I have a job, I am 100% involved in my work. The rest of the time, I think about myself, I live my passion, and that means I make music , Witness.

man holding music albums

Serge Bergeron has produced several albums in recent years.

Photo: Radio Canada / Anne-Claude Brisson

As he tames his new role as mayor of Roberval, Serge Bergeron has no shortage of ideas for his music projects. He would like to make an album with the sounds of the country, a project that is far from normal. The amateur artist also entices great songs from musicals.

A new role for the mayor

Over the past few weeks, Serge Bergeron has been working to tame his new role as mayor of Roberval. The last month boils down to countless readings.

It’s a good month. It is entry into the position. There’s still a different learning to what I did before as General Manager of the School Board. All this is town planning, public works and more. It’s still a new area for me. I took the time to look at all the sectors, it summarizes.

The representative of the Roberval Municipal Council was not surprised by the workload of the mayor’s role. His career as an education manager and coach has somehow prepared him for such a schedule.

Serge Bergeron is confident in his new role. However, he is still aware that he has not yet fully mastered municipal politics and asserts that he can count on a strong team to get there.

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