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TheTeam Canada 2 finished second in the final behind Switzerland 1 formed by Jonas Linehir and Fanny Smith. David Muberg and Sandra Naislund of Sweden 1 completed the podium in the contested race in Bakuriani, Georgia.

In this relay race, male skaters set off on the track and the gaps at the end took the form of staggered starts for the female race.

“Kourtney and I ran really well today in this first-team competition. I knew I had to be in the game to give Kourtney a chance. I did what I had to do and Kourtney answered the call with a nice run to finish second. I’m happy to finish the series.” These races are on a high note. I’m very happy with how I’ve been skiing lately and I’m looking forward to having another chance. “

Jared Smith (Mont-Tremblant), bronze medalist the day before, joined Marielle Thompson to take fifth. As for Hannah Schmidt, she teamed with Carson Cook to take ninth place.

Chris Del Bosco has often been on the podium at the Ski World Cup. Sunday was different, because for the first time it was a team sport.

“It was awesome to be on the podium with one of your teammates! We both had to do well to get there.”

The Russian resort of Sunny Valley will host the next leg of the World Cup on March 12-13.

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