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Trump is backing into the square in the midst of a large US conservative bloc

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Donald Trump returned to the forefront of the political scene on Sunday, in front of an audience of ultra-conservatives bent on regaining control of a weak Republican party, which calls into question the possibility of the former president winning in 2024.

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The advocate will speak publicly for the first time since leaving the White House, at the annual grand rally of US Conservatives that opened Friday in Orlando.

The forty-fifth president is there on the occupied land: flags, hats and items displayed by participants still bear the name of Trump, and in the middle of the conference sits a golden statue with a statue of the Republican billionaire.

But the Republican Party has also shown significant divisions since the criminal attack on Capitol Hill.

After four years in Trump’s term, Republicans have lost control of Congress and the White House. He is a former president who carries the infamous stain of an indictment (“prosecution”) for inciting rebellion in the attack on the Capitol, who will take the stage.

The same question echoes among his allies and rivals: Will the 74-year-old billionaire announce Sunday that he will run again in 2024?

Perhaps not directly, the organizers said, but the platform should openly flirt with this idea.

“The businessman will talk about the future of the Republican Party and the conservative movement,” his entourage told AFP in his first speech since January 20.

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We will not create new parties nor will we divide our power. We will be united and strong like never before.

He should also talk about immigration and the “catastrophic politics” of his Democratic successor, Joe Biden, on this issue.

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