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Skiing near Central Canada Park in the heart of the country is possible in Manitoba

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The giant sign often attracts visitors and tourists alike, and tourists now have additional reasons to stop there.

The new ice rink is located along the Trans-Canada Highway, about twenty kilometers southeast of Winnipeg, in Central Canada Park which officially opened in 2017, the year of the 150th anniversary celebration of the Canadian Confederation.

This is clearly an unusual place for wearing skates, but Tache Mayor Justin Boehmer explains that the new facility aims to be a place to promote his region in terms of tourism. Perhaps even to attract new residents.

We wondered what we could do to help expand the site. It is close to our villages, but it allows people to stop by to see and do something very unique […] For people who have been thinking of stopping to buy food or fill up their cars, this might be a chance to see how amazing life in Taché . can be, explains Mr. Bohémier.

The skating rink at Central Canada Park in Tashi opened on December 14, 2021.

Photo: Radio Canada/Amin Latvia

The location is close to the villages of Lloret, St. Genevieve, Landmark and others in Manitoba.

Locals and motorists are delighted with the arrival of the new infrastructure.

Children can make use of the ice rink. I myself will come with my skate, hockey stick and puck, Lance Graham Harris.

Tashi Country Council Community Services and Recreation Manager Lisa Woods, who helped set up the rink, found the place charming.

What you appreciate are the Christmas lights that have been installed to decorate the place. The light that shines more on the ice allows you to take advantage of the environment.

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The evening is beautiful, everything is lit, you can be in the middle of Canada. You can see the sunrise or sunset, so it’s really unique here in central Canada, Emphasizes

Lisa Wood in a winter landscape in Central Canada

Tashi Rural Municipality, Director of Community Services and Recreation, Lisa Woods

Photo: Radio Canada / Zoe Le Gallic Massey

This new infrastructure was set up quickly, Mayor Justin Boehmer says. This was made possible by constructing a water well and pump this summer and installing equipment to electrify the place.

Help the entire municipal team and it happened quickly and it really attracted a lot of attention, adds Mayor Taché who recalls that the Central Canada Park Commission has contacted the municipality to see if the project is feasible.

Mr. Bohémier would like to see the experience repeated over the upcoming winter seasons, although it is too early to comment on the future of the rink at Central Canada Park.

With information from Zoé Le Gallic-Massie

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