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Slice in the shape of the genitals in Paris? When the opponent hits Hidalgo below the belt

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Tony Vaughn
Tony Vaughn
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In a tweet published on Thursday and widely transmitted and commented on, one Internet user posted a photo of a slide in the form of genitals, noting that it was installed in a schoolyard in the 7th arrondissement of Paris. Low kick against Anne Hidalgo…

It’s a tweet posted on Thursday, October 7 to the “Stuc Vaugirard, obviously” account, whose anonymous owner claims to be a former collaborator with Matignon who specializes in strategy consulting. We see a picture of a slide in the shape of the genitals with the following caption: “How are you, Hidalgo?” Are we not bothered? The new games in my daughter’s school (Paris 7eme) .. What is this frantic sawdust on the ground?! “.

How are you, Hidalgo? Are we not bothered?
The new games in my daughter’s school (Paris 7eme)…
What is this rabid sawdust on the ground?!

— Stuc Vaugirard, obviously (StucVaugirard) October 7, 2021

The post did not go unnoticed as it was retweeted 553 times, cited 228 times, liked 1,572 times and also sparked a ton of comments. It was even taken up by French and foreign journalists, confirms freelance journalist Vincent Galad who also warned his 157,000 subscribers about the nature of the tweet. Obviously, but not everyone understood it as we see in the many indignant comments, this is fake news, a troll hostile to the mayor of Paris or perhaps also in the socialist nomination elected in the presidential election.

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Canadian movie set

In fact, this children’s toy with very suggestive shapes and colors is just one element of the décor of a movie filmed in Canada, Vincent Gladd explains in a fact-checking tweet he posted on Friday morning: “This is a picture of a movie filmed in Canada) ostensibly taken from Kiss all those angry with Anne Hidalgo – including journalists,” the independent journalist notes in a comment.

No doubt: the inaugural election campaign will be disgusting…

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