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Slide free and head north. New York messes with Canada over refugee women

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Five months have passed since Rozelle Ramirezoff, 26, went from Venezuela to New York. The whole family accompanied her: husband, children, parents, brother with his wife and children. Just like the immigrants who entered the United States from Latin America, Ramirez also spent time in the South in Texas.

Due to the darkness of people walking on the Mexico-US border, Texans began sending buses into the northern United States. This is how Ramirezas, who could not find work in Texas, arrived in New York.

Here, the situation wasn’t much better. And New York, which has long criticized other parts of the US for sending longer buses, has now followed the same practice. With the difference that this time it provides free bus tickets not only within the United States, but also to the border with neighboring Canada. The prospect of quicker asylum and work permits prompted Ramírez to leave. This time I took a bus to the American frontier town of Plattsburgh.

New York appeal for asylum

New York is also under pressure due to the fact that the city is required by law to provide cadmium to anyone who requests it. New York has always been a sucker for pistachios, economically dependent on them. A new wave of people are crossing the American frontier, but the city is closing in on them.

The influx of new immigrants, including from Latin America, has increased the population of the city’s homeless shelter system to a record level and has pushed social services beyond their capacity. Many people, especially young independents, are trying to find suitable improvised spaces, which they often refuse. Thus the city has created a new point of reference that will support the exclusive applicant for asylum. But as much as it really helps in practice, keep it open.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams initially banned the immigrants’ march, but he recently spoke like a sheriff on the Mexican border. According to Adams, the city is under too much pressure and we can’t accept everyone who is in need. It currently provides security and protection to more than thousands of people.

Canada city

An asylum seeker in Canada hopes to have a work permit and his medical condition will be reduced, not in the United States. Free passports that New York City or Washington and humanitarian organizations gratefully accept. Then the number of asylum seekers entering Canada and unofficial Canadian-US border patrols increased sharply.

With this, pressure is mounting on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to reach an agreement with the US government and President Joe Biden regarding the influx of immigrants from the USA. Canadian Immigration Minister Sean Fraser discussed the problem of illegal immigration between the two countries in Washington with US Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. Trudeau then wants to open this issue at the Biden meeting in Ottawa on March 23-24.

The New York City Council does not say how many tickets were distributed in this way in cooperation with charitable organizations. He betrays the news that no one has been sent by the program to Canada and that people in need can choose their own destination.

Not so, we’ll be back in NYC

However, once thousands of those who make the trip find out, it is far from peaceful even in Canada. I think there are a lot of jobs in the North. I think they would be able to get asylum there easily, which is simply not true, according to New York social worker Ilza Thielmanoff. With my charitable organization, I will then help those who want a passport from Canada return to New York.

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Her words were confirmed by a charitable organization in Canada. Immigrants here are often not offered jobs by the five social centers and social workers who can barely cope without continuing to struggle.

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