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Softball: The Japanese are not defeated |

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A weak roll of Mana Atsumi to third base was enough for Eri Yamada to score a winning point at the end of the eighth inning. Like the United States, Japan maintains its perfect record after two games.

The Mexicans had started the extra round with force. But with the rules filled in, they couldn’t unravel the mystery of the Japanese balls. Three hitters were hit at the bat, two on the swing, and the third on the decision.

Mexican Anissa Ortiz (left)

Photo: AP / Jae C. Hong

These withdrawals put an end to what would have been a great Mexican push.

Anissa Ortiz put her shortstop on the board in the fifth inning with a long solo homerun, out of the player’s reach.

Ortiz was lucky again after two sets. The Japanese defensive player was unable to catch the ball she had just hit behind the second board. In the play, Susanna Brookshire crosses the board to create a tie.

The Japanese set the rhythm of the match in the first half. First bowler Yukiko Ueno allowed five hits but hit 10 in 6 runs.

Japan opened the scoring with a single run by Yamato Fujita in the second round.

The softball preliminary round will take a break on Friday to make way for the opening ceremony. Japan will resume work on Saturday against Italy. For its part, Mexico will deal with the United States.

Australia launches Italy

Australia only needed one point to win a duel against Italy.

One Jade Wall song in the second set allowed Taileh Tsitsikronis to score a victory point.

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Australian shooter Kaia Barnaby made 85 shots in six runs and two-thirds of the job. Her teammate Ellen Roberts took charge of scoring the last out of the match, three times.

Australia will meet Canada on Saturday in the third round match in the league.

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