Solidere Quebec fears ‘undemocratic’ revival

Is cutting down dozens of mature trees on the grounds of the Church of Saint-Louis de France in Quebec City the tree that hides the forest?

At the beginning of April, cutting work began on the future site of the Seniors Home in Sainte-Foy, one of six planned Capitale-Nationale and 46 headquarters that the CAQ would like to start. Work across the county.

The only problem is that the neighbors of the Church of Saint-Louis-de-France, which will also be demolished, were never notified of the disappearance of the vegetation. Nor were they consulted about the way in which the Elders’ House was planned to be incorporated into the community.

A man began cutting trees from trees on the outskirts of the Church of Saint-Louis de France in Quebec

Trees were felled without warning in preparation for the future of the elderly on Saint-Foy, Quebec.

Photo: Radio Canada / Kathryn Lachusi

Moreover, the project is featured by Siso De la Capitale-Nationale and Société québécoise des Infrastructure were both on the agenda, but only after logging.

For its part, Quebec City admitted its impotence. Almost all Seniors’ homes are on the list included in the law regarding the acceleration of some infrastructure projects. (A new window) (Law 66), adopted in December.

Subsequently, The project in this plot is not subject to municipal regulationsCity administration said. In other words, the government can ignore municipal regulations. The city could not intervene Not to cut down trees, to demolish the building, or to build.

Sample Legault Government Seniors Home Project.

Sample Legault Government Seniors Home Project.

Photo: MSSS


Even without Bell 66, the operation is no stranger to what the citizens of Salbury de Valleyfield experienced. There, the Senior House project was actually introduced last year. But in the opinion of some residents, the spell was cast without even having a say.

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Only residents were informed. It was restricted to them. It was a little bubble, and they were put before the factsFrançois Parisien, explains, in the origin of the gathering of citizens with the aim of preserving the Parc des Mouettes.

Mr Barysian noticed machines in the park this week, indicating that preparations will start this spring. So it looks really bad. Thus, one of the rare green spaces in the region will be amputated, and opponents lament.

In Laval, the 80-year-old has been fighting since last summer with the city and government to preserve the entire Armand-Frappier park, including a strip on the banks of the River Rivière des Prairies that will be used to build a house there are also elders. The CAQ confirms that the Earth has been destroyed.

Public access to the water is extremely rare in Laval, and […] It must be protected for the sake of the welfare of citizens, especially future generations.

Quote from:Extract from a petition to protect the garden of Armand Fraper, registered with the National Assembly

Other citizens of Laval, as well as the district’s regional environmental council, opposed the project. Moreover, there are no local services in this area.In particular, opponents argued.

In all three cases, some are against the idea of ​​providing better services and a better environment for Quebecers, but they all denounce the lack of consultation on the part of the government.


Faced with these three examples, Quebec Solidere calls on the government to review its ways of doing things and, above all, to promote citizen participation. Already when Bill 66 was passed in December, the second opposition feared deviations from the environmental assessment process and social acceptance issues.

MNA for Quebec Solider de Tashiro, Catherine Dorion, in an interview at the National Assembly

MNA for Quebec Solider de Tashiro, Catherine Dorion

Photo: Radio Canada

Rep. Catherine Dorion is now inviting the Avenir Quebec alliance to consult further and engage the communities on projects that they want to accelerate, including homes for the elderly. Our request is to consult with the neighbors, the townspeople and the people who live there. Pay attention where you come from, She said in an interview with Radio Canada.

Skipping steps does not improve the economic recovery.

Quote from:Catherine Dorion, Member of Parliament for Solidarity for Tashiro

Ms Dorion is concerned that other projects under the law that respect the acceleration of some infrastructure projects are ignoring the considerations of citizens and local actors. It is a central force, not trusting and not listening to people. There is something undemocratic about it, Taschereau member denounces.

Quebec Solidere finally wants the government to stop operating Upside down Citizens are no longer seen as being Guards from going around in circles.

It is noteworthy that for the homes of the elderly only, the opposition parties requested a reassessment of the project last month, due to the explosion of construction costs.

The priorities must be met

The government responded that the seniors’ homes projects are aimed at meeting an urgent need, and hence the goal is to accelerate the start of housing openings in the fall of 2022. It is about a major promise from CAQ.

Urgent need to act since today, 3,192 people are waiting for accommodationReferring in writing to the office of the Secretary in charge of the elderly, Margaret Bliss. Nobody can blame our government for wanting to respond quickly to this need by creating 2,600 places in 4 years, that is, by the end of our first term.

It is true that the projects are registered in PL66. This does not mean that the environmental standards and regulations to which they apply will not be respected.

Quote from:Jean Charles Del Duchetto, press secretary to Minister Margaret Bliss

CAQ explains that the sites chosen at the heart of societies are in the spirit behind the homes of the elderly, So that its residents are fully integrated. To achieve this, concessions may be required in some municipalities., We add to the locker.

Regarding the lack of consultation and the fast track enabled by Bill 66, the Cabinet acknowledges that it can ignore municipal regulations. But we say, We want to build homes for the elderly and alternative homes according to municipal regulations.

In the three examples cited, redevelopment and reforestation planning is ensured to mitigate the impacts of construction.

Société québécoise des Infrastructure did not respond to our requests for information.

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