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“Something has to change” – TVA Sports

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Virginia Whitehead
Virginia Whitehead
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Nine tiebreak matches and nine losses. Maybe this wasn’t what La Compagnie Creole was thinking while singing C’est bon pour le Morale.

“It definitely doesn’t help us. If we want to restore that position by the end of the season, something will have to change. I don’t know if he’s playing in our heads. Everyone should do a better job in overtime.” – Nick Suzuki

Since taking office, Dominic Ducharme has kept asking questions about his strategies for overtime. Many are of the opinion that he should use three forwards. However, it was precisely three forwards who were on the playing surface when GT Miller decided the match.

“We are very comfortable playing with three forwards. Man-to-man coverage is very standard in every team. Dom trust us. I had to make this game.”

Nick Suzuki

“I saw their other player change, so I thought I could surprise Miller and take him away from him. He was walking around … I saw Nick (Suzuki) was there. Each of us should have done a better job. It was way too easy for him.”

Thomas Tatar

It wasn’t as bad as the second match in Calgary and the final in Winnipeg, but the Canadian shot himself in the foot again, missing some activity in the first and second half.

“We had a good third term, but in the first two stages, we made life difficult with the disc. Sometimes we could have put it behind the defenders. Also, there were no actual failures before, we let them get out of their area easily. It was. It’s easy for them. “

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