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Sonic Frontiers, finally how to play!

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On June 1, SEGA and IGN teamed up to reveal the first real video of the highly anticipated game acoustic boundaries. Scheduled for release in late 2022, a new iteration of the adventures of the fastest-growing blue hedgehog in the universe will be the first to enter the series into the open world. You can enjoy video content from our colleagues below.

If the idea of ​​being able to control Sonic in vast environments and enjoy the right physics of fast-paced gameplay seems like a tantalizing prospect on paper, the videos released by IGN still leave some doubts hanging over the final rendering. In fact, Sonic is overly automated, and most interactions with the environment from a speed perspective appear to be scripted rather than based on consistent physics.

Desire for realism in artistic direction is not the first in the series, for the worst (Sonic 06!), as for the best (Sonic Heroes), we’ll have to wait and see what happens to the consoles at hand. But what is even more shocking is that in the end, after the initial promise to run in the giant landscape, it is difficult to realize what might make this vocal boundaries A good Sonic game, or even a good game. Not necessarily a bad game for sure, but nothing really sets this game apart. vocal boundaries From the remainder of the current Triple A production.

The Sonic Frontiers map promises endless hours of exploration.

Because yes, the open world we are talking about consists of the same recipe as all the others. Points of interest to visit, activate turrets to unlock visibility in the play area, climb to gain altitude…in short, nothing but Assassin’s Creed or Breath of the Wild or even [insérer licence Ubisoft de votre choix] Not already given to us. And that’s where it hurts because according to the Creative Director of Sonic Team, Takashi IzukaAnd the vocal boundaries It is supposed to “lay the foundations for the series for years to come.”

Sonic Cinematic Frontier
Letting go of the Sonic Boom design doesn’t bother us

So it’s legitimate that some fans have voiced concerns on social media, to the point that the hashtag #DelaySonicFrontiers has been trending for a few hours. After SEGA has already set a precedent by abandoning the first design for Sonic films after the heavy criticism it received during the first trailer, some are hoping to reconfirm this time to allow the general aspect of the game to be tweaked by making this a deferred.

While it is very likely that the game would benefit from a proper ending, it seems audacious at this point in development to expect an overhaul of this game’s very foundation of existence, namely Sonic’s passage in the Open World. If the concerns are legitimate, let’s hope with all my heart that they’ll evaporate once the controller is on hand to finally give Sonic the main title he’s been denied for so long.

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