Sonic the blue hedgehog crashes into the screens of Tesla cars


Brief // This should entertain the young and bring back memories for the old. sonic the hedgehogThe original game was re-released from 1991 by Sega. For the occasion, the game will be teleported to Tesla screens for information and entertainment.

In 1991, a small, angry and fast blue hedgehog appeared in the world of video games called Sonic the Hedgehog. The principle of this platform game with 6 regions was to collect all the golden rings as quickly as possible and face the bosses to raise the level. Although the game is very repetitive, it took up a good portion of our weekends for most of us.

On the occasion of its re-released by Sega for all platforms, My voice #1 will also be ported to the Tesla Arcade, available on Tesla’s electric infotainment screens.

The popular Tesla Arcade game where different games are offered.

The popular Tesla Arcade game where different games are offered.

This information was confirmed by the Sega Director together with our colleagues at the edge. He said that it would be possible to connect the controller through the USB port. It also appears that Elon Musk is confirming the information via his favorite communication channel, Twitter. On the other hand, we do not know the date on which My voice 1 will be available.

Another question, will it be possible to play at the same time as the car is running, as in the US with the latest game to date, Sky Force Reloaded ? Finally, Tesla promised that the new Model S – with an AMD chip – would integrate gaming Witcher 3 And Cyberpunk 2077 movie.

Sky Force is stuck in touch mode.

Sky Force is stuck in touch mode.

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