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Space Jam: the new Legacy lance une collection de NFT

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Space Jam: A New Legacy It is a sequel to the movie Family crowded place, released in 1996, starring Michael Jordan, the idol of generations of basketball fans. This time around, it was LeBron James, the sport’s new watch star, entering the world of Warner Bros. cartoons.

What are non-fungible tokens?

non-replaceable tokens (Irreplaceable icons In English, or NFT) a type of Certificate of Authenticity of a work, whose property history is preserved and accessible to the public via blockchain technology.

Instead of offering kids toys or physical cards to collect from Tweety and Bugs Bunny, the American production company’s team is relying instead on digital stuff. For example, the skin (skin) In a photo of LeBron James posted on Monday at the match It is an electronic game. But most surprisingly, 91,000 non-fungible (NFT) tokens representing characters from the movie are still available to netizens for free Monday at the new

NFTs are a fun and exciting way for fans to celebrate their love for our characters.

Quote from:Pam Lyford, Head of Brands and Global Experiences, Warner Bros.

known as The ultimate destination for artists, collectors and curators, Nifty’s has exhausted NFT stock of Space Jam: A New Legacy in less than a day.

Netizens were able to grab 2D and 3D animated versions of eight Looney Tunes characters as well as LeBron James, all categorized according to five levels of rarity.

However, it is difficult to predict at the moment whether these digital things will increase in value.

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Less polluting, NFTs?

NFTs appear to be a cleaner alternative to physical toys, and are often made of environmentally harmful materials.

Blockchain technology, used for these digital objects, is distinguished by the large amount of energy it takes to operate. But Nifty states on its site that it uses the Palm NFT Studio method, which will allow it to reduce its electricity consumption by 99% compared to other methods.

the film Space Jam: A New Legacy It premieres July 16 on HBO Max.

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