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2021 ranking of the best engineering colleges

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Engineering is the science and profession of acquiring and applying technical and scientific knowledge in creating, improving and implementing projects. These can include materials, structures, machines, or systems. An engineer who solves various problems related to different sectors of scientific activity. What are the best engineering colleges in 2021?

An engineer is a person who builds technological things or products through knowledge, ideas, resources, means and materials. Therefore engineering has to do with developing, improving and implementing projects that link people, knowledge and equipment. Energies Or even articles.

What is the profile for joining the College of Engineering?

Using analysis and synthesis, as well as mathematical tools, My body – my body And social, engineers will find solutions to various business problems. Here are some general characteristics that can be found in Mohandessin:

  • Savor the scientific field and search for innovations
  • Be strict and organized in your work
  • Knowing how to work in a group and communicate in a team
  • Commitment to quality and continuous improvement
  • I like making decisions
  • Knowing how to adapt to change
  • Be curious and open

Engineering is a fairly comprehensive science that encompasses a number of specialized branches. All of them focus specifically on specific areas ofImplementation And some techniques.

In the production sector as well as in the service sector, engineering can have an impact in areas as diverse as: Robotic, Communications,Automation, The Biomedicine, The Renewable energyAeronauticsCarFinance, health, and many other sub-fields.

What are the best engineering schools in France in 2021?

L’Étudiant offers a ranking of the best engineering schools each year. This depends on various criteria. It takes into account the engineering colleges of the Committee on Engineering Titles Network (CTI), which are regularly evaluated by various external bodies.

The criteria that come into effect are many, including: academic excellence, international reputation, salary upon leaving school or the level of employment of students. Futura brings you a ranking summary requester Among the best engineering colleges in France:

  1. École Polytechnique, in Paris
  2. CentraleSupélec School, in Gif-sur-Yvette
  3. École des Mines ParisTech, in Paris
  4. École des Ponts ParisTech, in Paris
  5. Institute of Mines – Communications (IMT) Atlantic, in Nantes
  6. Higher Institute of Aeronautics and Space (ISAE-Supaéro) in Toulouse
  7. Leonard de Vinci School of Engineering (ESILV), Courbevoie
  8. Higher School of Physics and chemistry Industrial Installations of the City of Paris (ESPCI), in Paris
  9. Nantes Central School in Nantes
  10. The National Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble (INP Phelma), in Grenoble
  11. Central School of Electronics (ECE), in Paris and Lyon
  12. School of Mines in Nancy
  13. Télécom Paris, in the Paris region
  14. The National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) in Lyon
  15. School of Computing and Advanced Technologies (EPITA), in Paris
  16. Higher Institute of Electronics in Paris (ISEP)
  17. School of General Digital Engineers (EFREI), in Paris
  18. The National Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble (INP Ensimag), in Grenoble
  19. National School of Statistics and Economic Management (ENSAE), in Paris
  20. Central School of Lyon

However, before choosing your engineering school, do not forget to pay attention to the majors that each of them offers. Ensure that the school’s program aligns with your career aspirations.

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